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David Palazón (b. 1972) studied art and design in his native Barcelona, before pursuing his creative education further at the London College of Communication, the Royal College of Art and the EICTV in Cuba. Seeking adventures, he left Barcelona in 1996. He has travelled extensively and lived overseas, producing work in the Netherlands, UK, Peru, Ghana, Timor-Leste, Australia, Indonesia, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Palestine and Bangladesh. He is currently based in Copenhagen.

He has shaped a diverse and prolific portfolio as a designer, photographer, documentary filmmaker, researcher, creative producer and curator. 

David has significant experience producing creative and cultural projects in development and humanitarian settings. He has produced work for organisations such as the University of the Arts London, Griffith University in Australia, the Secretary of State for Arts & Culture in Timor-Leste, AECID, UNESCO, UNICEF and the UN Migration Agency. 

His work is a playful exploration of the human condition. His artwork, publications and films have been exhibited worldwide, receiving international recognition and awards. 

David has a unique sense of humour. He enjoys experimenting with type, words and rhetoric. He is keen on human-powered adventures and cold water swimming. 


To find out more, connect with David by email.

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